User Story: As a Power Consumer (i.e. Robotic asset), I want to request power from the grid and receive power via power beaming at a specified location to charge my onboard battery pack so I can continue with my mission without having to physically dock to recharge.

  • Over what distance?
  • Comment: There are two wireless use cases - short distance (e.g. inductive) and long distance (e.g. laser & microwave)
  • Is it feasible over the desired distances?
  • What about interference with other electrical devices?
  • How does the physics of the moon change the efficacy of this?
  • Can we align mission plans with optimal times for power consumption? E.g. If rovers always need to charge regularly, can we time charge times to moments of low draw/high solar availability?
  • The power beaming supplier said they delivered 100% of the requested power, but my vehicle's telemetry says it only received 80% of the requested energy. Who is responsible for the difference? Who mediates/moderates disputes
  • Another architecture proposal to consider - Lunagrid where we have power regional power sources capable of wired power as well as rovers equipped with wireless charging that can deploy within its own region. 

Primary Focus Area: Power
Secondary Focus Areas: PNT, Communications, Robotics

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