LOGIC : 11. Prioritizing grid transactions

User Story: As a power provider, I need to process and prioritize power requests from multiple users simultaneously.

  • Any microgrid transaction needs to consider both link capacity and energy management. ¬†May need to shed, curtail, or delay low-priority loads.
  • Resource management may be particularly difficult in emergencies or other constrained situations.
  • Also investment plans / market incentives to deploy new shared resources.
  • Also consider reconfiguring / moving / re-using resources as site needs and locations change.
  • Priority based on importance to mission objective or based on who can pay the most (free market)?
  • As a grid operator how do I allocate power when constrained by generation capability¬†
  • As a grid operator, I want to know how to prioritize power load requests.

Primary Focus Area: Power

Secondary Focus Areas: Communications

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