1. Focus Area Lead SEs Proposes a Use Case 
    1. Follow this User Story format: “As [a user], I want to [perform this action] to [accomplish this goal].
    2. Focus Area Lead SEs identify primary and secondary focus areas for each use case proposed
  2. APL Core Team accepts or rejects proposed use cases and confirms primary and secondary focus areas during bi-weekly meetings
  3. For accepted use cases, the primary focus area Lead SE will create a wiki sub page for that use case. 
    1. Base format for each sub page is the following:
      1. Title is next available numerical number and a high level description of use case. See existing use case examples
      2. User Story
      3. List of questions/discussion topics related to user story to be considered during engineering analysis
      4. Primary Focus Area - Identify primary focus area for use case 
      5. Secondary Focus Areas - Identify secondary focus areas for use case
      6. Macro for attachments - Macro to attach artifacts related to use case during engineering analysis
  4. LOGIC Standards SME or LOGIC Lead SE will update the overall Use Case tracking spreadsheet bi-weekly. 
  5. Focus Area Lead SE will work with each Focus Area WG Lead to discuss and develop these use cases with their working groups with the goal of identifying interfaces / interface requirements.  Engineering analysis for this step may include use case modeling (via sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, or use case diagrams).  Artifacts that aid in engineering analysis of each use case should be uploaded on its use case wiki subpage.